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Commercial Epoxy Coating

Leading the Industrial Concrete Coating Industry

  • Commercial kitchens
  • Food Processing plants
  • Auto repair facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Retail stores
  • Garage Floors
  • Medical Facilities
  • Laboratory clean rooms
  • Food prep areas
  • Veterinary clinics
  • Industrial flooring
  • Restaurants

Welcome to CONCRETE FLOOR SPECIALISTS, your epoxy floor coating specialists in Florida. Our experienced team will prepare and install your Commercial Industrial & Epoxy flooring in the color of your choice. We use the latest technology in concrete preparation Diamond Grinding, Shot Blasting, or Scarifying we get the job done.

CONCRETE FLOOR SPECIALISTS has more than 15 years of extensive field knowledge and innovation in seamless Commercial Industrial flooring systems and polymer components: Epoxies, Urethanes, Mortars and Methylmethacrylate (MMA)

You’ll find that the experts at CONCRETE FLOOR SPECIALISTS know the product, its application to your specific industry and how to overcome issues that can come up on the job, helping you get your job done right and on time.

There’s a floor system to suit your most demanding flooring applications—with a complete range of CONCRETE FLOOR SPECIALISTS products including primers & sealers, membrane & crack fillers, resurfacers and performance topcoats, you’re sure to get a floor that’s right for your needs and one that will be sure to provide you with a return on your investment.


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